My Colorful World-From The Eyes of A Newborn.

A new born baby is fascinated to all the bright colors and lights, he beholds. He enjoys looking at vibrant colors and gazes at the moving objects. Their life is all about brightness.

Baby bean bag, keeping in mind the mindset of the new born, are manufactured in bright themes and fun shapes. The new born should instantly fall in love with his new bed and should sense the merriment to be in the new world.

There are various shapes and patterns of the bean bags

1. shapes- bean bags are manufactured in different geometrical shapes. This makes the baby aware of all the shapes, keeping his education playful as well. It is available in circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, star shapes and hexagonal shapes

2. Polka dots- babies since ages are in love with polka dots. They are very catchy and are available in different colors on the bean bags, to amuse the toddler.

3. alphabets- all the alphabets are printed on the baby bean bag in multiple colors. The baby gets accustomed to these alphabets and learns them gradually.

4. fruits- bags come in various shapes of fruits. A baby loves to sleep on a huge apple or a mango. He instantly falls in love with his new bed.

5. Animal theme- bean bags are available in diverse animal themes also. The entire jungle is printed on the bag to keep the baby amused and informed. Tiger and zebra printed bean bags are also manufactured for the baby’s enjoyment.

6. Numbers – numbers are printed on the bag for the child to play and learn simultaneously. This makes it easy for the parent to make him aware of the mathematical numberings.


A baby bean bag is not just a comfortable bed or a chair. It is also transformed into a fun way of learning for the toddler. Every day he learns something new and pleasant from his or her bed.